100 Years of Beauty – Nigeria (Igbo)

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Inspired by the 100 years of beauty series, we’ve researched some styles from each decade in the last 100 years of Nigerian (Igbo) history and have done our best to recreate them. Enjoy!

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Model: @OziomaN_
Make up: @nneomachiomax
Design+research: Chi

Special thanks to Ukpuru for much of the historical images.

17 thoughts on “100 Years of Beauty – Nigeria (Igbo)

  1. Africa woman is the most beautiful in the world. Unfortunately they do not appreciate their values but chose to desperate want to be as white or Asia woman. Africa woman go back to our style of dressing, make up and hair see others woman in the world appreciating it.

  2. I follow Ukpuru on Instagram and they have wonderful historical pictures and facts about our culture. This is a wonderful video, very well put together. Love it x

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