27 thoughts on “5 girls die in Polish Escape Room fire

  1. No offense Matt but your image of Poland is kind a bit outdated. First of all the buildings are up to the building code standards and these where pretty much quite high during the commie era over here. The problem in this case was a lack of electric panic button like in newer escape rooms as well as the guy using gas for heating. Also Poland is in central not eastern Europe. Additionally after th tragedy there had been several hundred controls of the escape rooms by the proper authorities and most showed only minor deviations from the safety code.

  2. Jeez, might as well embrace the hate and just gulp down being the Heel at this point. …You really don't deserve this level of hate, but if you gonna get it, use it to your advantage…or something. Good luck mang

  3. You assume that the building was built quickly but without clear evidence. Not only that but you also say it doesn't surprise you that this has happened in Poland, yet its part of the EU and has to follow certain regulations (to which it didn't in this case clearly). From what ive read about escape rooms in Poland, many haven't got the proper health and safety standards as that entire sector was overlooked. Then you go on to say "Its Poland, they go for hardcore realism" – Ive done 3 escape rooms in the UK, all 3 were genuinely locked- the comments you've made show no remorse for the families of the girls not only that you just 'joke' about the incident. Poor video by your standards

  4. if they died from carbon monoxide then they died fairly quickly and if the fire wasnt going then they died painlessly, atleast theres that.

  5. Sound to me like they died before the fire from the CO leak. This is a tragic accident, but it was just that, an accident. It was a faulty heater that would have killed the homeowner and burned the house down in time anyway.

  6. Okay, a few things. This tragedy took place in Koszalin. There were actually complaints about this escape room, written in reviews, that it smells of gas there. And firefighters and police started controls of escape rooms since monday. about 90 has small problems with emergency exits (closed during experience or no sign on it) or lack of fire extinguisher and, if i counted correctly, 7 were closed immediately.

  7. I was always sceptical of escape rooms, as they didn't looked like much fun to me. Until I tried one during a bachelor party. It was an amazing experience.

  8. You know there Escape Room games on the Android and iPhones. Why do you need actual escape room. Save yourself some money and stay safe folks.

  9. You have a weird attitude towards based Poland. One of the few places in europe who have some common sense and pride left

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