50” Tiron by Misko Rovcanin, Serbia – Archery Review

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A beautiful bow, made after frescos in Serbia.
Great quality and shooting experience.

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The nice sleeve you can find here:

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Armin Hirmer
Malta Archery
100 Triq Annibale Preca
Lija LJA 1915

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32 thoughts on “50” Tiron by Misko Rovcanin, Serbia – Archery Review

  1. I hope you will make video about arrows.
    I don't make arrows commercially, but it could inspire others to make similar arrows.

  2. You have done so many reviews but I don't know where to start to find a good bow for me. Please do a recap or top 5 or 10 of your favorite bows please.

  3. Thank you.
    A hundred pound bow?
    Now, we've spoken of this before, brother.
    Use finger protection.
    I find no pleasure in your pain.

  4. Thank you for the video! Always appreciate an honest review. Regardless of the draw, that is a beautiful bow. Have a great day everybody!

  5. Fantastic looking bow. Shame about the draw for this bow at this price- about NZ$800 for me. Mayhap it will get better with use? I'd like to see the thumb ring(s) the bowyer sent…….
    Flaxen Saxon

  6. Great review, good looking Bow, i sometimes enjoy the feeling of stacking, after shooting stack free Asiatic bows i will often pull out a longbow and the wall feels satisfying, along with some shock, its like FULL power!
    Excellent show, beauty Armi.

  7. Great review! I am shooting that bow [email protected] but sometimes 29 using thumbrings. Didn't review since I am not professional in that field but have videos shooting it. Original hornbow had bone plates on siyahs and grip (way of splicing). Awesome calculation and adaptation to modern material. From my point of view great and stable shooter but your review is extra professional. Cheers Armin! Keep on doing great videos, always something new to learn (Y)

  8. Beautiful and I like how it can go up to 100#. I prefer a square handle as it keeps my hand from sliding forward with higher poundage bows. But it is expensive and didn't seem impressive enough for that price

  9. Lovely review . 100# laminated bow with a two year warranty is something.

    The price in the link above and the one on cinnabar bow site is different ? Here it says $450 for all draw weights there it has different prices with $575 being the max

  10. When you open the box of a new bow, it makes me happy like a child!
    Because your action is looks like children open the present box!
    I think this feeling is very important! Sensibility of feel fresh & new is wonderful!

  11. Could you one day do a video explaining all the differences between the different horse bows? You mentioned it looked like another type of bow but I could barely tell the difference. Great video nonetheless!

  12. Armin-
    Misko is making a Tiron 68" 125# @35" right now, so you can also order bespoke but you do have to work with him directly. He refers to it as a Giant's Horsebow….

  13. I was wondering when you would test one of Misko's bows. I own a 55# @28 Tyron and have been shooting it for more than a year now. If you like long draw, it's not the most pleasant, as you pointed out, but if you are ok with a 28-30" draw, it's awesome. I shoot thumb release and have never felt a hand shock with any arrow I've shot (I shoot only wood shafted arrows). Short, fast, accurate and powerful (mine hits 200 fps no problem with 8-9 gpp @ 30" draw, thumbrelease with a thumbring). I did however keep it strung for several days at first as the limbs needed to settle and get used to being strung and shot. My handle isn't leather wrapped and it does feel a little square but you get used to it. Whoever gets it will have an awesome time with it.

  14. Can you please explain what the factor you mention at 5:55 means. I hear you calculate it for every bow you review, but can't really find an explanation for what it means.

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