Briefly in Belgrade…1

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We stopped Briefly in Belgrade, Serbia for a day either side of heading to Sarajevo Film Festival to teach a bootcamp…this is what happened.


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I believe the modern man has lost his balls and the ability to go after what he wants. I started Project Tusk to help men rediscover what it means to be a red blooded male by helping my clients meet and date girls without relying on social media dating apps or having to go out to bars & nightclubs and get drunk. This is called ‘Daygame’.

I am here to take you all the way from the initial meeting (The Daygame) through to getting her onto a date (The Texting) and taking her out for a drink and back to yours (The Dating).

This is the key equation you need to remember at all times:
Continuous, cumulative self investment/improvement + Incremental stretching of your comfort zone + Consistent interaction with hot girls = SUCCESS with your dating life.

Your questions, comments and support all always appreciated 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Briefly in Belgrade…1

  1. Are you ever going to do a pick up in Bogotá or Medellín? I always thought that Belgrade had the best women in the world until I went to Colombia.

    Only downside is it's a nightmare finding a girl who speaks English there, so knowing some Spanish is vital.

  2. The last girl was never approached before? How is that possible with a figure like that? The Belgradian guys must have really high standards, or is she 17 years old or what?

  3. Hey tusk I just heard that you went through a laser..actually I was also looking for one .Where did you get it in London . Is it good ?

  4. Blonde girl in the black and white dress has an insane figure. Jeez, I need to get to Belgrade. You're very good, composure/self belief displayed is on point as with all good PUAs. As a good looking dude, are you ever tempted to just stockpile numbers with 90 sec 'in a rush' sets (Paul Janka style) and then mass text? Or do you prefer to cherry pick and get a handful with a good base (5-10 mins) of rapport, while still gaining enough leads to have abundance/choice? Sorry I know this question's a bit all over the place, just typing & thinking at the same time. In the past when in foreign cities I've got say one number from one approach and focused on that girl only to be let down, videos like this are great and remind me to avoid the hell of oneitis by enjoying multiple street/mall connections and then choosing stand outs from the leads.

    Love the content, excited to see the continued growth of this and project social.

  5. James,
    I love watching your day game infield videos and think you are awesome ! However, it would be great if you could go into more depth on night game and provide infield videos on night game as well since nightgame is important too.
    This way we can learn how to Calibrate in night game situations and not just day game.

  6. That last interaction was good, you were on fire. I doubt she will respond though but thats definitely not your fault you were challenging, teasing. Looked very good

  7. Hey James notice on few video you only streaming audio on a single channel. Rather than left & right. You can easily copy the audio stream double it on the other channel. on your editing software. As always thank you for the great content!

  8. James your sets here are not sexual , more kind of friendly conversations I don’t see much teasing challenging , physical or verbal escalations

  9. James..
    you are very natural and friendly with women..
    but I'd like to know your opinion on push-pull technique

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