Child Prostitution Is A Huge Problem In Madagascar

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Innocence For Sale: Using undercover filming, this powerful investigation exposes a booming child sex trade. In the hub of Madagascar, one of the world’s poorest countries, prostitution is seen as an unavoidable means of survival.

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“My daughter was at school, I had no money and no job so she decided to become a prostitute. I finally decided not to stop her,” says one mother, who like many others are now forced into prostituting their own children. With daily flights from Europe bringing sex tourists to Madagascar’s chaotic capital, some as young as eleven are selling their bodies. Authorities claim to be tackling the problem but it’s the local residents – mainly children themselves – who are trying to find solutions to this adult scourge. “If it happens, we warn the police that we have seen foreigners with underage girls and they then alert local tourism officials.” Jeannoda Randimbiarison, a social worker for UNICEF, says the authorities lack the will to do what is necessary. “If the law is not enforced in Madagascar it will all continue. It is like we are conducting a genocide of Malagasy children.”

SBS Australia – Ref. 5734

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20 thoughts on “Child Prostitution Is A Huge Problem In Madagascar

  1. Un Madagascar the foreigners fuck the prostitutes over age in the bars
    the malagasy men are fuking the childs under age

  2. I'm interesting what doing fucking Interpol about this,What they don't know who are European fucking turist who going there and take child for prostitution,this is huge crime and shame for international police!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Clearly many police are corrupt. This reveals the need for vigilante action against the pimps and sex tourists who exploit children and are to my mind terrorists. Groups like the Vigilante Group of Nigeria – – are highly structured and collaborate with authorities against common criminals and terrorist groups.

  4. In Madagascar's capital one can see 13 and 14-year-old mothers begging on the street. They never even had their first periods at age 12 because local men got there first. Like male butterflies patiently stalking the chrysalids of females, awaiting their emergence to mate.

  5. 75% of Malagasy men who buy sex do so with underage persons — for cultural, pleasure and disease-protection reasons. Yet this documentary blames it all on Western tourists who actually bring much-needed foreign exchange into the world's fourth-poorest country. The mother of the 14yo living on Nosy Be was abandoned by the father long ago and has no skills to find regular work, which would only pay a pittance anyway. So selling their bodies became a pre-requisite to put food on the table. If not to tourists with Euros, it would be to local men paying peanuts.

    The Western world has turned Madagascar into a world pariah since it expelled its 'democratically'-elected leader (Marc Ravalomanana) in 2009 — withdrawing trade privileges and aid as a punishment. Punitive EU import duties prevent poor African nations from exporting their agricultural goods to Western markets. This is the Western Élite at work: impoverishing an already-desperate third world and even demonising the small trickle of hardy tourists who help put food on their tables. The psychopathic New World Order, directed by the Rothschilds in Europe, and Rockefellers in America, at work.

  6. Almighty God See's and He will vindicate on All of this done to these little children of whom wealthy people from other civilized societies are exploiting.

    A young child wants to go to school not have physical pain and shame forced upon thier innocence.

  7. I feel this is a bit pro pedo prostitution…seriously the child bergade! and parents wanting their kids to prostitute themselves…You might as well put a HUGE BANNER COME TO MADAGASCAR THE POLICE WONT DO A THING!!!This is PURE PEDO PROPAGANDA SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!

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