European Union (EU) vs Russia 2017 – Who Would Win – Army / Military Comparison

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Our question today is, how would the EU, with its 28 different countries, fare if it went up against the well-equipped, military-minded country of Russia? Let’s take a look at this hypothetical match-up in this episode of The Infographics Show; The European Union vs. Russia in 2017.





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38 thoughts on “European Union (EU) vs Russia 2017 – Who Would Win – Army / Military Comparison

  1. i think there will be no war, but the winner of this YouTube video is Russia because 28 countries vs 1 Country Russia. Russia is the best any way

  2. Eu would win with relatively little difficultly if they put one body of people in charge of all the forces. Otherwise… who knows?

  3. It would be a great disaster for both sides. Let's build up a world where we could be friends. Greetings from Russia, dudes, we love you.

  4. Boi this isnt about the us so stop bringing them out. Today we are gonna rewiev the military of bhutan and nepal but first we must review the military power of the united states.

  5. Russia would win. All these statistics are meaningless because very few people in Europe would want to fight for the EU. The EU has made enemies of the common people, just look at France! How in God's name can the price of oil decrease only for the French government to increase the price of oil?! All the meanwhile to pay to support economic African invaders to invade their own country and rape their women. The real working class of European countries would soon see the likes of Merkel and Macron hang. A Russia invasion would serve only as a trigger effect for the people of Europe to overthrow the elite.

    Only the rich elite want the EU, or under educated left wing fascists. The real world despise it. It needs to collapse and fast.

  6. Suomen rajavartiolaitoksen johtaja Laitinen sanoi että Suomen kaltainen sivistysmaa ei voi estää kenenkään pääsyä Suomeen eli armeijasta ei ole mitään hyötyä kun kansainväliset sopimukset estävät käyttämästä sitä.

  7. ‪If the EUSSR (without the help of superpower USA) goes head to head with Russia, Russia would trounce the EUSSR (with Britain leaving)‬

  8. Germany almost destroyed US army, European army and Soviet army ALONE back in WWII. What makes you think that Germany and 20+ European countries can't vanish Russia alone?

  9. очень проста тактика боя против двух соперников. Вывести того, кого бьешь на линию ударов второго. Второму давать дальними в момент, когда ближний только получил в зубы. Ясно, что америкосов будем гасить дальними. Перспективы превосходные. Европу и неядерным уничтожим. ибо жить интереснее не в радиации. Учитывая то, чо америкосы смогут попасть пару раз по территории России (в силу природной меткости) – аннексируем Европу и продолжаем закидывать дальними основного врага.

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