Eurovision 2019 logo: Three triangles form a golden star (REACTION)

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Israel’s KAN has revealed the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 logo and artwork. It consists of three triangles that form a golden star, which builds on the Tel Aviv stage design from Florian Wieder. We react and discuss its relationship to the Star of David.

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31 thoughts on “Eurovision 2019 logo: Three triangles form a golden star (REACTION)

  1. Hey, guys. The Romanian NS wildcards just came out. We got the X-Factor Romania 2018 winner filipino beauty, Bella Santiago and former German Idol 3RD PLACE participant. Linda Teodosiu.
    Just a personal note: I think Bella Santiago screams like a winner for me. I hope you will react to these two as well. Eagering to see your reaction. Lots of love !!

  2. I don't just think that this refers to just the Star of David, but I also think it fits the idea of 'wishing on a star', considering the slogan is 'Dare to Dream'.

  3. The Israeli mind is doing it again.

    Israel is a center of innovation.

    i think it's the best logo design ever.

  4. The empty triangle might actually get filled with country flags. So that the 2 triangles of Israel (star of david) connect with the triangle flag of other countries.

  5. The logo and slogan is great this year, not cheesy, very modern and professional. Looking forward to how they animate it

  6. I like this 🙂 i think it's better than some of the other logo's we had in recent years. It's quite basic enough the please every country (cause uk everyone knows what a triangle or a star looks like and everyone can give meaning to it) and still it represents Israeli culture . I do hope there will be like an actual flag in the postcards or presentation of a country cause i personally i don't like just lights or colors…

  7. Am i the only one a little afraid something really bad, terrorist-ish could happen in Eurovision 2019? Can anyone please relax me by telling me it's not likely to happen??

  8. its ok for me i like it
    but…its far away of being the best or one of the best ones….no way! 2018, 2014 2010 had amazing logos

  9. Simple yet elegant logo. In the Bible, the star lead the wise men (also known as "Three Kings") on their travel to Jesus' home in the town of Bethlehem. It will also guide the rising stars of Eurovision on their journey to Tel Aviv.

  10. Its a very cool and modern logo, love it!
    Of course some people are always triggered by triangles, but what you gonna do…

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