Fifth week of protests against Serbia’s Vucic

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(5 Jan 2019) Thousands of people have braved snow and freezing temperatures in Serbia’s capital Belgrade for the fifth week of protests against populist President Aleksandar Vucic.
Protesters on Saturday marched through downtown Belgrade, blowing whistles and cheering.
The demonstrations started after a group of young men attacked Serbia’s opposition leader Borko Stefanovic in November, beating him with brass knuckles and smashing his head.
The attack saw protesters put pressure on Vucic, whom they say has been restoring Milosevic-style autocracy through control over the security apparatus, judiciary and media.
Vucic has dismissed the accusations, suggesting he could call an early election this year.
A reformed extreme nationalist, Vucic wants Serbia to join the European Union.

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2 thoughts on “Fifth week of protests against Serbia’s Vucic

  1. Good luck Serbian’s. If there are any Serbian’s reading this remember boycotting your economy does wonders in a protest. Also if there any French people keep that in mind to.

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