Georgia Travel Guide 2019 Episode – II | Top Tourist Destinations in Georgia by Drone

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Tbilisi Georgia Travel Guide 2019 – Episode II | Georgia Drone Videos | Tbilisi Travel Vlogs 2019

In the absence of context, it’s hard to imagine what Georgia’s like. On the edge of the Caucasus Mountains, the country is neighboured by cultures as varied as its topography. Once a stop on the Silk Road, the city became a confluence of the civilizations over the millennia. This peculiar positioning means many consider Georgia a part of Europe or Asia, depending on who you ask. And you would be forgiven for wondering if it’s a part of the Middle East. But the actual vibe: It’s European. Part of what makes traveling this area so fascinating is the sheer amount of history contained in a small geographic area.

In this Second Episode of Georgia Travel Guide, We have featured the top tourist destinations of this beautiful country from the Bird’s Eye View perspective in stunning aerial videos shot on Drone.

Hope you like and love this episode as well! Episode III is also coming soon!

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