Glasgow, Scotland: Deciphering the Glaswegian Accent – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide

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This Travel Bite comes from “Glasgow and Scottish Passions,” a brand new episode of Rick Steves’ Europe Season 10. Check your local public television station for this new episode or watch it on

One out of every five Scots lives in greater Glasgow, and Glaswegians are friendly, unpretentious, and happy to rave about their town. The accent can be a little hard to understand, but you’ll develop an ear for it.

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16 thoughts on “Glasgow, Scotland: Deciphering the Glaswegian Accent – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide

  1. Love the realness of scotland in the video. I have noticed that I can hear through the accent more than my parents from just watching scottish youtubers and tv shows (or watching the tele) on occasion.

  2. Glasgow is less than 45 miles from where I live. I've been there a few times over the years. I live in a countryside village of around 6 thousand people. So coming from that and going to Glasgow (even just for a day trip) can feel a little weird. Due to it's size and the amount of people. I remember being there on Christmas Eve one year. Looking down a street I was on reminded me of Hollywood movies showing viewers the streets of New York. The street was jam packed on the sidewalk. A massive wave of heads no matter which way you looked.

  3. Hi Rick thank you very much for your YouTube videos I'm 44 years old and now you have made me want to go travelling around Europe and Eastern Europe to thank you so much you have opened up my eyes so much.

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