30 thoughts on “Hungary! Country Which Tells It as It Is!

  1. Fuck hungary. They invaded eastern Europe and destroyed it and now they cry because someone wants to do the same ?? That's a bit hypocritical .

  2. We make our own decisions in the UK.
    1 st we have a vote
    2nd we get ignored by our shits for elites who just carry on using the BBC to lie to us

  3. "Hungary! Country Which Tells It as It Is!" ..lol….NOT. Being right about immigration and pointing out the abusing power of the EU doesn't make the rest of the Hungarian political elite that includes Orban less corrupt or less abusive toward their own people. I watch the video and see the comments below by people with no or extremely distorted idea about Hungary. The Hungarian political elite on both side that includes Orban (Orban was actually educated by George Soros and used to have a good relation with him) was established by the former communist regime. The regular everyday Hungarian person lives worst than they did in the previous regime 30 years ago, especially the old and retired people. The younger generation leaving the country by a super high percentage to live and work in the west. the general moral and mental state of the country is horrible. If you walk on the street and smile at people, they will look at you that you are either a homosexual or mentally sick. Get real.

  4. Thank you for telling the truth…how refreshing! When I think of the State run and Corporate owned media I must parse every word and verify every video to find a grain of reality. Bravo you and Bravo to Hungarians !

  5. BBC Needs to Talk About the Crap Going on in UK. Mulims Immigation, The British Culture Is Dying , And this Is Bull Crap just like the Great Anglican Church Falling Apart  with their Braking Away from The True Traditions.Hungry And Poland Are great countries.

  6. She was foaming and livid. She was trying to shove her own agenda down that Bad Ass Foreign Minister's throat, and by extension, the entire Hungarian People, when her job was just to conduct an interview, and not bully people just because they don't share your myopic, self-aggrandizing, fake moral high ground.

  7. I want to send all my love people like you, from Hungary. GOD bless you all! Thank you for sharing what is all about!

  8. is she interrogating an honourable Minister? she is not fit for the job, she is spewing venom on Hungary..this is not right…

  9. After a complete analysis of the situation, I realized what Hungary is doing right.
    1. Returning to the essential values of christian Europe, following a path that was LOST on other european countries (between the 80s and 90s).
    2. EU? When you read books with an abhorrent title such as "Germany abolishes itself", now you realize what's really going on. The title is self-explanatory!!!
    3. Rational, humanist thinking and good administration should prevail over mass consumism, stupidity and open rebellion.

  10. We should follow your example Hungary.
    Stop the islamisation of Europe – send these fucking rats home!

  11. I love the Hungarian PM. He put it quite plainly – We maintain the right to decide who can and cannot come in to Hungarian territory. Amen! Hang tough man! The elephant in the room is that these immigrants coming into Europe are f*cking up every country that allows them entry! Why would anyone volunteer for that? This PM is taking his primary role seriously – that role is the safety and security of the Hungarian citizenry – NOT – the 7th century cretins who are beating on the door! Sorry if that offends….No, I'm not sorry.

  12. I am a naturalised Hungarian from the Caribbean and I implore everyone to seek the information and discuss both sides before making a judgment on this topic. There are many faces to this and very separate topics that cannot be lumped together as zenofobia. There is a political democratic issue and a foreign affairs debate that should be kept separate.

  13. what is wrong with a Christian COUNTRY! hungary is definitely a religious country! look at our anthem the himmnnuz isten aldd meg a magyart " GOD bless the hungarians" . what is the United states motto God bless america? lol

  14. Sadly, the "journalist" on duty here thinks that SHE is the main attraction….not the elected  (and educated) Government Minister she is allowed to interview.  She displays the height of rudeness….of bad manners and assumed self-importance….like so many graduates of the LSE (I guess – I do not know for sure) or some other politically corrupt pseudo-uni. 
    She felt like she was going in there to do a "hatchet job"…….but she came across a man who actually believes in his country and his people…a true civil servant.  Of course, the concept of a politician who does the peoples' bidding is unthinkable here in the UK.
    Truth is, she is embarrassed now and if she isn't, she is thick as pig's shit for not feeling so.  Don't send little girls to do a big job.

  15. Rich saudi arabia, uae, qatar, kuwait and bahrain should take all these migrants… as follower allah and their fellow brothers.. lets wait and see .. which of these country will call them first to their country to live and work..

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