Hunt: asylum process to be unchanged after leaving EU

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The UK will uphold its international responsibility when it comes to granting asylum after leaving the EU, said Britain’s Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt on Thursday (January 3) during an official visit to Malaysia.

However, Hunt added that more needs to be done “at source” to tackle the problem of migrants crossing dangerous seas to enter the UK. On Monday (December 31), the UK government said there was an increase in the number of migrants trying to reach the country from France via the English channel, with 230 migrants attempting the crossing in December.

The attempts to cross have attracted extensive domestic scrutiny amid a highly charged political atmosphere less than three months before Britain is due to leave the EU in the aftermath of a referendum in which immigration was a major theme.

Hunt also spoke in Singapore on Wednesday (January 2) before his two-day visit to Malaysia in which he met with Malaysia Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah, as the UK looks to shore up support in Asia before Brexit happens on March 29.

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14 thoughts on “Hunt: asylum process to be unchanged after leaving EU

  1. Free house, free car, free grants,
    Free bus pass, free furniture.
    O your british even ex army o no sorry you cant have any of that only asylum seeker's can.

  2. The propaganda through msm against large families over the last decade has helped turn people against those who were having 3 or 4 children, automatically classed as scroungers. Sadly people fell for it and there were no protests against cuts for working tax cuts for families who had a 3rd child. This has all been planned so they can say that due to low birthrate we need mass immigration. Now we have the 2 child policy from April 2017 on working tax which has restricted working people from being able to support more than 2 children. If migrants come in and have more that 2 children I personally do not think this will be applied to them. I have searched online for information but to no avail. Also this only applies to a woman, so a man with a few wives will not be affected. Isn't it convenient for certain groups that there is this "loop hole". So much for equality!

  3. Not a single one of them is an asylum seeker. They are coming here from France, a safe country. There is no war in France, there is healthcare, welfare, human rights etc. The fact they are leaving France for the UK makes them scrounging economic migrants, window shopping around Europe for the nation with the highest welfare payments.

  4. When illegal couples enter this country and produce sprogs, the kids become legal and are born British, which then makes it impossible for that family to be sent back. The government will never change their views on immigration, as they see immigrants as potential voters for their party. Hence the mayor of London .

  5. In other words like the carry on films , Carry On accepting illegal immigrants spending tax payers money on housing and benefits while our own sleep on streets

  6. The people will revolt, they know this…war is NOT unnatural.

    But they took your guns and flooded the country with the enemy.

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