Kingdom Come: Deliverance #48 – Pestilence

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My blind let’s play of Kingdom Come: Deliverance – HARDCORE Difficulty.

Negative Traits:
1) Somnambulant
2) Tapeworm

Mods Used in this play-through:
Disable Headbob :
Minimal HUD :
No Reticle :
Unlimited Saving :

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26 thoughts on “Kingdom Come: Deliverance #48 – Pestilence

  1. Henry should introduce himself to the archbishop by saying "My reputation precedes me. I have killed over 500 hares already. So you'll find nothing here, understood?"

  2. It amuses me that Gopher haggles over the price of the bath while giving them clothing to wash that is all made out of steel. Poor ladies probably work their arses off trying to polish his gear.

  3. I thought at this point that it would have been an epic troll if the game tracked the money you got from Cumans and Bandits and then took a bunch of it away as "counterfeit".

  4. Kunesh didn't steal the cup and money. He just overheard Beran mentioning it as they fled Skalitz.

    He's also, apparently, a decent wood cutter.

  5. its going on 6am i need to fall asleep and your coming to the rescue thanks! keep up the vids they help me get sleeep

  6. The vicar quest is timed. I failed it while I attended to 90 other things that seemed urgent. Hopefully I'll get to see what it's all about. As Gopher is the patron saint of faffing about, I don't like his chances. Good luck, old sock.

  7. I love this game so much, like in 35:30 , the whole thing feels like you really are in this world and getting a job for your friends, nothing fancy, no numbers popping from enemies' heads, just pure simulation of medieval history, and you being a part of it!

  8. That thing with the nests.. for me it happens only with "respawned" nests. They just set back to its place if you shoot them already so they just static decorations. Newly discovered nests never had that problem to me.
    They used to lay on the ground in previous versions but I guess devs "optimized" them too.

  9. Funny as many times as Henry has washed himself out of the tubs he didn't feel the need after carrying a plague corpse. Infected with the plague bah how shiny does my armor look.

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