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18 thoughts on “Let’s go see Tokyo Gate Bridge – 4K60fps

  1. Amazing smoothness, at first I thought you are flying a drone there 🙂
    All bike rides I've seen before were really shaky.
    Please keep making more of these! Thanks

  2. Beautiful bridge, amazing architecture! Thanks again, NWT. I hope you continue to make walking videos as well <3

  3. I wish I could have a massive 4k TV or a Projector to enjoy your content at its peak.
    But definitely can look forward to have a good 4k projector.
    Thanks for the video.

  4. すごく晴れた日に見た東京ゲートブリッジ越しの富士山が最高に綺麗だったなぁ

  5. Hi, you should ad "Help" to your "support my work" banner at the start of your video, it would sound more personal and friendly, by the way I do help support your work. : )

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