Little House Cam 5

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Live streaming view of our Bird/Critter Feeders.

We are located in Prairie Village, Kansas USA You can visit us also on our home page, and see more cams with Live Chat.

– If you would like to contact us with questions or comments, please use this form at:

Visit our Facebook Fan Page. Like the page and see all the pics we have and will post along with videos from our cams and gardens.

We ask that you please consider making a contribution towards the bird food, the upkeep of the camera equipment and our website It would be greatly appreciated!

Here is the approximate cost in U.S. Dollars ($) for the typical types of seed and feed we provide:

20 LB of Black Oil Sunflower Seed – $20.00 – (Lasts 1 week)
40 LB Mix – $19.00 – (Lasts 1 week)
5 LB Finch Food- $15.00 – (Lasts 1 week)
-40 LB Mixed Nut & Fruit- $36.00 – (Lasts 2 weeks)

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