Mr M’s Long Weekend In Belgrade, Serbia: More Challenging Daygame Situations (Part 2)

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Mr. M’s pre trip preparation:

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15 thoughts on “Mr M’s Long Weekend In Belgrade, Serbia: More Challenging Daygame Situations (Part 2)

  1. Good try but dont make any silly comments like "Enemy territory" when you dont know the dynamics of the countries.. He killed his chances after that which were already low..

  2. Hey James 2018 I kind of feel of the deep end and am trying to get back into talking to girls.any advice for high school (senior)

  3. James, i like this girl at my work, she isnt in my department and so I rarely see her, maybe twice a week when shes leaving. I can easily go to her area but it would be a 1 on 1 and “invasion” imo.

    Can you do a co worker video? Like I will see her in the future, have established a “hello” “goodbye” relationship, and want to simply get to know her , or would a hot approach be better?

  4. I got this response, comment reply from an Australian social-skills and dating coach, let me know what you think of what he said:

    "I think us men are way more fortunate than women.

    We are much more in control of our attractiveness than women, and once we "get it" it can last a very long time. We need to learn high-level social skills, social intelligence, women's tests, style sexual skills and be really really confident.

    This sure sounds like a lot to guys who haven't been properly trained, but at least we are largely in control of it. ie We need to learn a specific set of skills. Women's attractiveness, on the other hand, is so dependent on physical beauty and being of certain age. Something they have limited control over and something that is painfully stolen from them at a certain time in their lives. Whereas a really confident man can easily be sexually attractive to many women until late in life. Sean Connery is a fine example."

  5. Great stuff James and M's. It made me think of video recording myself. I know i can use sometimes seeking rapport tonality, and watching myself will put a stop to this.

  6. Great stuff, i like seeing a few more "Client infield style clips" a bit like the Alex Series. James goes extra mile supporting your development, plus he's a fun guy to be around. Ghandi's Sandels! 😀

  7. The guy who was talking to the girls has no game and he failed miserably. Western man have no chance in Serbia or Croatia with girls because the girls there are much more mature and even more intelligent then those western men. I mean look at this American dude. He is a joke. Serbian and Croatian girls can play him easily.

  8. Great video! James what's your opinion regarding to the time frame when it comes to texting? There are times when I have responded to a girl after 2-3 days due to being on holiday or doing University work and they find it slightly offensive. What should the time frame be. Thanks.

  9. Hey james..nice Video:)..what do you think about the girls from this Part of europe? What is your first impression, are they difficult to approach them..because they care about herself and are not a typical "yes-girl"

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