Nigel Farage weighs in on the border crisis debate

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Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage weighs in on the ongoing border wall funding battle that is keeping the U.S. government in a partial shutdown. #Tucker #FoxNews

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45 thoughts on “Nigel Farage weighs in on the border crisis debate

  1. Lol @ Americans talking about Europe as if it were a country. You realize there are 44 DIFFERENT countries in "Europe", you overweight morons?

  2. Farage stabbed British patriots and veterans in back folks in the UK.

    As there leader Tommy Robinson ….he is a hypocrite living of the Europe bemoaned.

    He is not good for Donald to be linked to drop he he flys false flag.

  3. It’s to see Nigel talking up this point great love it! There is nothing wrong with policing your borders it’s actually a healthy thing and it makes sense !!!! I like Nigel he is a fisher men!!!!

  4. The NTY bombshell must surely remove any doubts that there was collusion between trump's administration and russia.

  5. Nigel Farage, always great to hear him. I am glad that he is becoming more of a voice over here AND that he supports our President Trump!

  6. Farage is nobody's fool, our problem is the IMErican news media does not expose IMEricans to the world news. Again proof of the unholy alliance of the Libertards.

  7. We should have done the wall 40 years ago. But the government works in a typical manner put it off. Talk about it put it off. Now we have a President that has a spine and as usual democrats all of a sudden decide it is wrong.
    It needs to be at a minimum of 40 feet high with a flat steel top over hang of 6 feet to prevent anyone from being able to get on top.

  8. NIGEL FARAGE: an admirable patriot in the UK who speaks the truth in support of our struggling Republic. We need more such as he. The media is the traitor who covers for government lies that FOOLS AMONG US BELIEVE.

  9. It's about time, across America the last decade, there have been tens of thousands of reports of American taxpaying citizens being victimized by illegal undocumented immigrants with guns.

    The defenders of illegal undocumented immigration — whether ethnic advocacy groups, employer groups, elected officials and or church-based groups — they often assert that illegal immigrants only take jobs unwanted by U.S. workers, which is totally false. Illegal undocumented immigration depresses wages and weaken our country.

    The size of the illegal undocumented immigrant population in America can only be estimated, 2018 estimated records show state by state illegal undocumented immigrants have taken over 22 million jobs from Americans employed — construction, agricultural harvesting or service professions. Their illegal status acts to depress wages and working conditions for all workers in that occupation.

    It is a time to stand together and stop illegal undocumented immigration. We need to correct our immigration laws and stop the drain of taxpayer dollars. Push back America, expose them all and deport'em all. Illegal undocumented immigrants are costing America 116 billion of taxpayer dollars Annually .

    Border Security for 2018 has seized 1.7 million pounds of narcotics, have made 17,000 adult arrested with criminal records, and have apprehended over 6,000 gang member including MS-13, attacks on border agents are up over 300%

    Close down sanctuary cities, Deport illegal immigrants and stop illegal undocumented immigration. Arrest and deport all who intentionally violate border laws. Illegal undocumented immigrants are subverting America and our American rights.

    America we need to support President Trump and Stop illegal undocumented immigration. America do not let illegal undocumented immigrants subvert America or our American Civil Liberties

    Protect America Build The Wall Protect our American Civil Rights Build The Wall

    Trump 2020 — For the People, By the People Making America Great Again — Trump 2020

  10. This government isn't fit to protect this country.we need a party that is willing to protect us.and the conservatives.and labour are not willing to do their job. This country as never been is the unsafe state it is in at the moment.i only hope scum like chuka soubry and blair are held to a count.for their betrayal.

  11. Kay UK…..I so wish the left in America would listen to Nigel Farage..he is asolutely correct..if he could have spoken longer he could tell you many more horrors that are happening in Europe..I can see revolution coming…….

  12. hopefully you learned what we in europe decided wrong opening borders is suicide of each nation – sweden germany and france are already lost !

  13. It's beginning to look like a general liberal/socialist attack on the free world – not the immigrants – the people who advocate open borders.

  14. Make your mind up Nigel Farage, you were condemning Tommy Robinson for his views on Islamic Muslim extremists and now you're saying the same!

  15. lool farage is a failed english polician (and suspected russian agent) who led the brexit campaign and destroyed england form within, paralysing the english parliament and government; it speaks volumes that this is the snake oil salesman that tucker and fox news would bring on to support trumps insane wall lies

  16. No, we are not going to see a "massive shift" in the upcoming European elections because a vast percentage of our population still trusts the mainstream media :(.

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