Orthodox Church of Ukraine splits from Russian counterpart

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Ukrainian Canadian Congress’ Peter Schturyn discusses the importance of the religious split between the Orthodox Church of Ukraine and the Russia counterpart.

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7 thoughts on “Orthodox Church of Ukraine splits from Russian counterpart

  1. I hope it stays independent and free of any political nonsense. Ppls beliefs should not be within reach to be manipulated by politicians.

  2. П-ц У не церковь, а секта. 90% верующих Украины принадлежат к Русской Православной Церкви, точнее ее части, которая называется Украинская Православная Церковь. Президент Украины Порошенко хочет разжечь религиозную войну, чтобы остаться у власти.

  3. The Ukrainian Church is now fully independent, and for ever united with it's ancestral Church established over 1,000 years ago in Kyiv.  God bless the Ukrainian nation.

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