Polish mayor dies after being stabbed on stage at charity event

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Poland’s health minister said Monday that Gdansk Mayor Pawel Adamowicz has died after being stabbed in front of hundreds of people at a charity event on Sunday.

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16 thoughts on “Polish mayor dies after being stabbed on stage at charity event

  1. If that Mayor had his way he would flood Poland with Muslims and then the country would be destroyed like the rest of Europe. So yeah, it's tragic the Mayor died…..Oh wait

  2. Such SAVAGERY has become the norm of this present society on a global scale.
    There is absolutely no RESPECT for human life.
    Lawlessness has propelled the world into a MAD MAX SITUATION.

    Police are inefficient and have become a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION for the legitimacy of transforming them from law enforcement officers to a ROVING STREET GANG.
    May the Mayor REST IN PEACE.

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