29 thoughts on “Reagan tells Soviet jokes

  1. President Reagan had a great sense of humor I wish I could meet him but he passed away he was a great man and president I wish we could have more people like him in the White House

  2. The problem with "Communism" today is not that there are parties or States trying to enforce it in the US, but, rather, that it is a term used to attack policies (in the US and elsewhere)that are against extreme inequality or absence of medical care, things that even Hayek or Milton Freedman thought that were very, VERY bad for a country.

  3. Those were good days, when America had real leaders, and real people. I would love it if Trump started telling North Korea or Taliban jokes. If he did that all the fake ass, Social Justice focks so full of themselves would slaughter him. Millions of sheep would stand behind the social justice warriors. Not becouse becouse thats what is in there hearts but becouse there brains have been programmed to behave like sheep since childhood, threw corporate commercials wanting millions in sales from a new fad they started, sheep teachers, biased media ets.

  4. His best joke ever was during his debate with Dukakis. Everyone was saying he was too old to be re-elected so at the beginning of the debate he said he would not hold Dukakis’s youth and inexperience against him and went on to win 49 states to 1. Sad thing is that Dukakis couldn’t even beat Reagan in Massachusetts, where he served as governor.

  5. It is a Soviet joke and the Reagan says it really well. That said, I grew up in the Soviet Union and my family owned cars and we didn't have to wait 10 years. The first car, my father bought as soon as we had the money (I was 15 years old). Note that in Russia you bought a car (or anything) for cash. You could get a loan, but it was very unpopular. The second car we bought when I was 18. I bought my own car when I was 21. All of that happened in the late 70's and early 80's, exactly when Reagan was in the office (or Carter before him, doesn't matter). So, it's not all exactly true. But the way Reagan says it, it's real funny.

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