Scottish Girl tastes POLISH CHOCOLATE Part 4!

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After a great response to parts 1, 2 and 3 I’m back today to taste EVEN MORE Polish goodies! (Including the MUCH requested Delicje, alongside Kawowe, Studentska and other treats!)



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25 thoughts on “Scottish Girl tastes POLISH CHOCOLATE Part 4!

  1. "Śląskie kawowe" is meant to be masculin. Śląskie or Silesian region is a mining centre in Poland, which is symbolized with the symbol of these two tools, beneath. Basically it's meant to deliver caffeine kick/energy boost in the form of a sugar candy instead of regular cofee or some Red Bull-ish like soda.

  2. Quite a lot of polish chocolates in my local shops. Will have to try some.

    Please do Bird Box Challenge style review please.

  3. my English mates at work love raspberries delicje or jaffa cakes if you like. One more thing, you open delicje in a wrong way 🙂 have a careful look at the packaging

  4. Hey another gr8 video, Studentska it is not Polish Chocolate sorry i think its made in Czech Republic ?
    and Mleko it is Milk , mleczne means milky
    All The best
    Peter XX (Dorset)

  5. Someone got poor taste if they complain about your eyes.
    Pausing at 11:47 to peek at what's left in the box, I recognized few things:
    The colorful package with "orzechowe" contains peanuts with a candy coating. Sort of peanut M&m minus the chocolate.
    Milka – milk chocolate, though can't see if it's plain or flavored. Chocolate itself is quite good, but some flavor combinations don't always work.
    Sekacz – is a egg cake (in it's true form very labor intensive and quite large) that is very traditional. The candy bar version of it is quite good, though it may be a bit dry. Tea suggested, or coffee as the one you have may be chocolate flavored.
    The only other two things I can recognize is Princessa. Thin layered crunchy wafers with milk chocolate coating and flavored filling: one looks like hazelnut and the other a coconut.
    Few other packages look familiar, but I can't remember what they might be.

    Cheers Gorgeous, and happy tasting.

  6. Last chocolate is not made in Poland 🙂 It comes from Czech Republic it was pretty popular chocolate brand during late 80s in Poland. Regular one (milk chocolate and salted carmel) it's pretty good and worth to try it as well. Your polish accent is getting better! Best wishes 🙂

  7. Your pronunciation is better with every Polish episode 😉 and those eyes…could you be more adorable? naah 😉

  8. I've never seen the 'studentska' chocolate, I'm wondering if it's Czech instead? I think you need to try homemade cakes and savoury items. Not sure how good the Polish shops are near to where you live.

  9. If you will have a chance try polish donuts or home made yeast cake with raisins and crumble and butter 😀 (It has to be home made)

  10. delicje = dainty in meaning "something good to eat; a delicacy"
    I also don't like blueberrie delicje, it's really bad 🙂

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