Slovenia’s Secret Lake | Triglav National Park Lake Bohinj + Lake Bled

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We were surprised to know that Lake Bled is not the only beautiful lake in the Julian Alps region. The Triglav National Park is also home to Lake Bohinj, the biggest lake in Slovenia.

We visit the stunning lake Bled with Endless Adventure and tried the famous Bled cake at Bled Castle and it is up there with the best deserts, well worth the entrance fee to eat this delicacy.

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6 thoughts on “Slovenia’s Secret Lake | Triglav National Park Lake Bohinj + Lake Bled

  1. This made me so happy. My boyfriend and I went to Slovenia last August. Lake Bohinj was definitely the highlight of our trip! We took a cable car up into the mountains and went for an amazing hike, afterwards we jumped in the lake and celebrated with a cold beer. Great drone shots! Cheers from Copenhagen 🙂

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