Speaking Serbian in Croatia? | Zagreb travel guide

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Visiting Zagreb and Belgrade… how do they compare and differ if you can’t visit both:

From Belgrade to Zagreb! Adopting to Ijekavian Lingo! | Zagreb travel guide

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Kaleigh’s Croatian expat blog:

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Hello guys! I’m an American girl named Nwando. Welcome to my Zagreb vlog / diary. I hope this Zagreb vlog can help guide your travel!

If you’re looking for the best things to do in Zagreb, I think this video shows some of it: taking in a football game, rakia tasting and enjoying drinks in the old town. I can’t wait to go back to Zagreb–it was amazing!

And the last thing I want to say is… because everyone asks me: there is no problem being black in Zagreb, Croatia. I have experienced ZERO racism in Croatia. The Balkans is the most friendly place I have ever traveled to and a traveler being black in Croatia is not an issue AT ALL.

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37 thoughts on “Speaking Serbian in Croatia? | Zagreb travel guide

  1. I follow Kaleigh for some time now and only discovered you few days ago, but since you are both Americans that moved to ex yu, stories have similarities and I thought of Kaleigh many times while watching your videos and even thought to suggest you to check her out, and boom, haha look at her here 🙂 Yeah, it's a small world, especially since there's internet, how could I even thing that you might not know about her 🙂

  2. Ima li potrebe na video o ovakvoj temi spominjati čiji je tko, čiji je kome predak, ovo, ono… Ima li potrebe? Što dobivamo time, ne shvaćam? Što dobivamo time da širimo mržnju? Politika, ona je ta koja nas je sjebala, dokrajčila. Političari, oni su ljudi koji su nas napunili mržnjom i oni su ti zbog kojih se danas diljem Interneta širi mržnja između ove dvije zemlje. Zanemarimo prošlost, iako je bila burna i trnovita za oba dvije države, i nije teško zaboraviti, okrenimo se budućnosti. Pozdrav za sve Hrvate i Srbe, za sve ljude dobre volje iz Zagreba.

  3. When you refer to "Balkans" this isn't just the ex Yugoslav republics. Balkans is 6,7 different countries including Greece so it's better to say Ex Yugoslavia when you just talk about Serbia or other ex yugoslav republics.

  4. Sta tebe brga kakav je Beograd ili Zagreb, i zasto ih uopste uporedjujes. Ja volim i Beograd i Zagreb kakvi god da jesu. Bolje ti je ides tamo na zapad da jebu ili idi u Kongo ili Ruandu i spavaj sa nosorozima odakle si i dosla.

  5. Trebalo bi da je bude sramota. Beograd joj je pruzio gostoprimstvo, a ona ga je napljuvala. Ako joj se toliko ne dopada neka ide da zivi na drugom mestu. NIko je ne zadrzava, narocito posle ovakvog videa.

  6. You only checked the the best place in Zagreb like a tourist and you live in Belgrade which is totally different because you could already see the worst area of Belgrade. Even NY is one of the biggest tourist cities in USA but you also know you have there super dangerous area with high poverty rate. If you want to compare 2 cities then compare tourist areas only, otherwise doesn't make any sense.

  7. E crna kurvestino, hvala dragom Bogu da si prestala da se Srbima uvaljujes u guzicu, i to neuspesno. Zagreb je KASABA, vise je nego duplo manji od Beograda, cak i Hrvati kazu da je Zagreb truba u odnosu na Beograd.

  8. Serbs killed Jews and Muslims, but they are still Gypsies and Turks. No one can change that. Crazy, crazy fanatic people.

  9. Mostly true, but, Belgrade is actually more diverse than Zagreb, but you have to look beyond skin color. Also, Serbia took in more refugees from middle east than any other country, based on number of citizens.

  10. Are you sure you're living in Belgrade?
    Wtf, this is the dumbest comparison ever!

    Pozdrav za moje prijatelje iz Zagreba i sve dobre ljude!

  11. Well, my ancestors lived in Belgrade while your's still lived in a tree! And i'm not rasist, that's just a fact! So, you are not competent to judge about my city!

  12. You definitely need to visit some other parts of Serbia (i recommend the south-east ) to get a bigger picture of Serbia and Serbs, it's not all about the capital . Cheers 🙂
    There is a BIG difference between ZIVELI AND ZIVJELI(Croats had to think of something so they can say we are not the same, so they added 'J' to most serbian words, and so become CROATIAN, BOOLSHIT )

  13. You don t know nothing ! I don t like when some other people commenting my city and my place!Especially wrong and stupid comment s

  14. Why don‘t you move to Zagreb when you like it so much? You can‘t compare the two cities, because Belgrade is just so much bigger. Bye from Israel

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