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38 thoughts on “Stocks TODAY – RICH TV LIVE – JANUARY 9, 2019

  1. Rich big news this morning for GGB brother. Green Growth Brands partners with DSW to sell CBD products! I'm sure you are already on it but just thought I would give the GGB community a heads up! I think it's great news….what a pick! Best part of this news release is that DSW is the #1 adult footwear specialist footwear retailer in North America. Rich is right people….CBD is going to be big!

  2. Today was my first day I bought red and sold green. I jumped out maybe to soon. But hey I heard your voice.
    Made some cash

  3. Fuckkk I sold namaste-technologies @ 1.27 should have waited but fuckk didn't wanted to be greedy lucky u guys who held

  4. Looks like the GSE stocks FNMA/FMCC will close up 84% from last 5 days. If these companies get released from government conservatorship it could be a x10 bagger.

    So happy ACB is up bought more yesterday in the red. Good call Rich!

    Long ACB, HMPPF, MRRCF. My favs in 2019!

  5. Thank you sir, epic day. GCAN has big contract. Please check it, up 40%.
    What do you think will happen with aprhria stock Friday after earnings? I'm holding at 6.40 usd

  6. Hey Rich, been following you for few months 😉 what do you think about GTEC? I see a great potential in this company. Would like to hear your inputs

  7. My brother my father my son and a few cousins, these are the only men i have ever loved bro, but i getting really fucking close the the L word brother…… Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

    Rich Gang!!!

  8. Organigram is kicking ass! I think that big pharma is going to take them out at a huge premium by the end of February…..remember, you heard it here FIRST!

  9. No trolls and haters cuz as I told ya RICH, they are losers, so they show up when things are in the RED to try make others feel just like them! lol We are in the GREEN so we are winning RICH, which makes them feel more deeply like super-dooper losers!

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