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44 thoughts on “The Highlander Mine Part One!

  1. "That'd be crazy wouldn't it? I'm getting crazier every year!"

    Yes. Yes you are Frank but that's why you're the best.

  2. What an awesome, sketchy-ass mine! Here's why airlines freeze: When you compress air it gets hot. As it flows through a cold pipe the moisture in the air condenses on the walls of the pipe and you end up with a bunch of water. When you release compressed air it gets cold and the water freezes.

  3. Frank, I am putting it on my bucket list to go to Canada and meet you in a mine…how many beers should I bring? 50?

  4. Hey Fran, it's great seeing your video's again. Been out of commission for about 4 months, and I'm trying to get caught up on your stuff that I have missed.  Love watching your stuff, I've gotta lot of friends tuned into your channel, keep up the awesome stuff.

  5. My god Frank, this is some of the most interesting stuff I've seen on the internet in over 15 years. Keep this up and stay safe while doing it and I'm sure you have an audience for this amazing content!

  6. This is the 1st video of yours Frank that made me nervous for you. Man, walking across that flooded windze made my butt pucker.

  7. Frank, YOUR A NUT! Lol! But I love it!! Now where did I put my anxiety medication?? Wow…that mine is LOADED with artifacts! Most mines I’ve explored since the 80’s don’t have near as much leftover equipment and artifacts. I’d be like a kid in a candy store in a place like that! I gotta get up there and pay you a visit ….maybe show ya how well I can dog paddle a winze. Lol. Take care!

  8. Frank, when they made you they broke the mold! When you were walking on "false floor" submerged wood that could be rotted, right next to a winze the palms of my hands were actually sweating!! Wow, now that's adventure… Thanks for bringing great video to us mere mortals who would never be where you are, but are very excited to see it. I know you're experienced, trained in search and rescue, but please be careful and much luck to you too! Cheers!

  9. and the Brass Ball's award goes too……Frank ……yep think we would of either brought a raft or scuba tanks but Slim hates water…. thats gotta be one f the wettest mine we have seen you in …got some deep winzes there sonny Jim…. a lot of leaching going on …. to bad that mine isn't dry ….powder boxes everywhere….. love that flow atone…. good job see ya next week.

  10. That water scares me. When it’s deep. Just a bit doesn’t bother me. This mine looks old and sketchy. Lol You just found , “Falling Rock”. They’ve been looking for him for years.

  11. lol that intro is something else. so peaceful and quiet and then DUDUDUDUDUDU BAM BAM BAM like an action movie trailer.

  12. How common is it to run into gases like black damp in these hard rock mines? And wouldn't you walking through that water be a not so bright idea because of what could be trapped under it?

  13. Wow, great video, thanks Frank :o) I bet those flooded false floors mean you are the first in there since it closed :o)

  14. Love the new intro Frank, and the colors, so jealous for the colors tou get to see and share with us all. I dont know who is crazier; you going in there or us watching you goong in there lol. Anyways great vid looking forward to the next show, be safe bro

  15. You need a camera housing, the ones used by scuba divers. And to keep kegs at the house, fill with salt water or 2% Borax mix.

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