The Infanticide Epidemic in Hungary (1999)

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European Infanticide (1999): In Catholic, conservative Hungary the social stigma of illegitimate children is turning mothers into killers. In the deep snow of a Hungarian winter lie the bloodied bodies of babies beaten to death by their own mothers.

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Without easy access to contraception or free abortions, infanticide is commonplace. Every week babies’ bodies are pulled from rubbish dumps. The fate for mothers who kill can be as much as 15 years in prison. Beneath thick winter coats Timea Manziger managed to keep her pregnancy secret. She gave birth alone and swiftly killed her child. She hoped to avoid the scandal and ruin that would follow the birth, but she was discovered. The court psychiatrist issues his assessment of Timea; “Clear headed… average intellectual capabilities.” Her sanity condemns her to a jail term. In Budapest they are trying to stop the crude murders by allowing women to hand over babies anonymously. It’s a short-term solution while attitudes remain conservative. In a sex education class a health worker beseeches the assembled girls to seek help from family and friends if they fall pregnant. Yet in villages where unmarried mothers face a life as destitute social outcasts, her advice may not deter women from seeking more radical solutions.

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23 thoughts on “The Infanticide Epidemic in Hungary (1999)

  1. When you can step across an imaginary line and leave the Celts, Anglo-Saxons, and most of the Scandinavians behind you and step into Slav Country and have the infanticide number jump from single to triple digits, is there really any doubt about not only race realism, but even SUB-RACE REALISM being a surety?

    Hungary seems especially reckless and destructive in its national behaviour. It's a weird mishmash of sub races – hybrids of hybrids – with a language unlike any neighbouring ones and a national identity that has always been all over the place, making for an indecisive and disbanded culture that is extra susceptible to corruption and cancerous foreign (non-European) influx.

    A few doors down from the "White Muslims" of the Balkans: Albanians, Romanians, Macedonians, Serbs. Even against such a politically sad set of Slavic micro-states, Hungary seems to be the most depraved of European nations. Even Poland and Bulgaria and Belarus aren't this depraved, deprived, and degenerate.

    Europe needs to heal and stop foreign influx.

  2. Thanks God that medicine is constantly developing. And I don’t think that surrogacy is smth bad. Why people don’t understand that surrogacy can be the only way to have children for some woman. I had problems with fertility since my teenage. I met my husband at the age of 35. He perfectly knew about my fertility problem. After our marriage we decided that we use the surrogacy service. Because my doctors banned to give birth a child. So, my husband and I decided to look through a list of clinic where we could do this procedure in legal and commercial way. We found biotexcom clinic in Ukraine where surrogacy costs around 30,000 euros. Well, it`s quite cheap in comparison with another clinic. We collected all the medical documents and sent to the clinic. But the manager said that we could come for free consultation only in 5 months. Because the clinic is overloaded for now. Anyway we are ready to wait. 5 months isn`t so long.

  3. I struggle with my fertility constantly and then I find this….. I can't even explain in words my deception and anger

  4. Can't understand why some people would judge illegitimate children. All children are precious, imo. Don't judge mothers who are stuck in these situations. Sympathize with them. Help them.

  5. I don't care what society says. I'm not killing my child bcuz of what pple think. it's clear that she's psychotic & so is her sister,they have such a lack of regard for human life. a society full of dirty embeciles is in no position to play morality police.

  6. this is a sad, sad story that plays out worldwide. some are just not meant to be parents.. stupid kids playing with lives of the unborn, affairs that are not for young people who are not equipped to deal with babies. I only wish those that want them and really are childless could get them. then more would grow up and childless family's could have children.

  7. It's their society that "shames" these women for getting pregnant, and possibly because they are "poor" which contributes to the killing their children.

  8. Stop using the term "Eastern Europe"! It's a big area with completely different countries with completely different levels of development. You're doing injustice to some countries.

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