The Trump Presidency: Donald Trump visits US-Mexico border

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Donald Trump says if Congress doesn’t give him the money for a wall along the US border with Mexico, he would “probably, almost definitely” declare a national emergency. That would allow him to bypass lawmakers and use taxpayers’ dollars to construct the barrier. Sources say senior officials in the adminstration have been told to heighten the perceived threat posed by illegal crossings to justify the legality of Trump’s possible declaration of an emergency. Our North American correspondent Jon Brain has travelled with the president to the Texan border town of McAllen.

5 thoughts on “The Trump Presidency: Donald Trump visits US-Mexico border

  1. We need a wall! Dems want open borders and are globalists. We will end up like France! Californians were told yesterday that all immigrants will get free everything! Our taxes are going up too! This is wrong!

  2. Subhana Allah connect me you are listen to me not allowed BBC FM TV channel looking refugees I don't follow bedroom bathroom sex Bible say very dangerous people you

  3. Lol I live here and this is not trump "heartland" Hidalgo county and the City of Mcallen are both democratic strong holds and have been for yrs. Those supporters only come down during the winter, we call em 'winter texans'

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