The TRUTH About Sweden & Why The Nordic Model DOESN’T WORK

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen, a Norwegian born and raised to talk about the Nordic Model praised throughout the world as well as most notably the country of Sweden as people claim it to be the most prevalent economy in the world.
People seem to call Sweden, Norway and Denmark whatever type of system suits their benefit, because from outside looking in, it certainly looks good. However, these countries are dramatically centrally planned, dramatically taxed and dramatically controlled.
Sweden is the most taxed country in the world, so even with their somewhat lower inflation rate, people are paying out of pocket a lot more than they can, especially comparing to wages. It’s complete theft. A 61.85% income tax. Denmark is 55.8% and Norway is 38.5%. This doesn’t include the vast sum of taxes added on top from fuel to business, capital gains, property, sales, you name it.
So for the time being, these countries look prosperous, but if history has anything to say about it, this absolute collectivist system will come crashing down harder than most in the future. It will be horrible.
This isn’t freedom. It’s blind support of government. It’s dependency and control. It is everything humanity is not supposed to be and it’s sad to see so many support it for their own personal benefit for a little while only to see what will happen to everyone down the line. There’s no incentive to work and compete on the market. There’s only incentive to lay back and receive. What where is that money you’re receiving coming from? Well, it’s stolen from the most hard working people as well as the poor. That won’t end well.

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John Sneisen

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35 thoughts on “The TRUTH About Sweden & Why The Nordic Model DOESN’T WORK

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  2. @World Alternative Media : I don't mean to be spamming, but also consider this video by David Quintieri of Toronto : " Ford Plans MASSIVE Job Cuts! Economic Crisis as Countless Companies Accelerate Layoffs! " (10:46), from The Money GPS, Jan. 10, 2019, He's struck me as doing good analysis as well as reporting. Seems cautious enough.

  3. @World Alternative Media : And regarding cashless society, I've always been against it. It's surely not recommendable for society today. Economic disparity would surely do nothing less than seriously or severely worsen. When I worked in IT as a computer software developer, programmer, … how ever you wish to title it, for employers vary the titles, also, or did for me during the 1990s anyway, I had two credit cards and my debit cards from two banks in the US, one being a credit union, so not quite a "bank", but always had and wanted "cold" cash with me at all times ; except, of course, when going to bed for sleep, when taking showers, etc. Whenever going out, I always had cash, for it was very convenient to have. Worsening economic disparity is surely not a recommendable "solution" or thing for society to do. Plenty of people are now contributing to that problem today though. Using the banking debit cards was ok, for, and after all, it was my own $ being withdrawn, but the CC's were only used on an "as needed" basis. The CC's were either always or certainly primarily used for the more expensive purchases, excluding lodging rent and purchase of a car, f.e., but certainly for furniture, again f.e. There's surely something wrong about developing a totally cashless society and increasing economic disparity is surely one example.

  4. C'mon is a couple of days late on this very important story…French bank run tomorrow…yellow vests…you need to spread the word ASAP

  5. Dumb Noweegian idiot, there's something called urbanisation that's taking place in China, those "empty cities" are getting less empty by the day, as rural folks move off the farm into urban areas. This propels more urban growth while frees up more farmland for the rural people staying behind.

  6. The real cause is multiple property landlord based on equity and auction fever. So if I buy a house $200k and I renovate it $20k, the new market value is $300k. Now I will go to bank to ask for cash based on the fully paid house. The bank will give me %80 of $300k, $240k cash. Now i will buy another house $200k and put in $20k and repeat the same thing over and over. I will rent the house to pay the monthly expenses (utilities and mortgage/debt repayment). Most people who do this can own 20-100 houses in 3-5 years per individual. The risk that they are exposed to is vacancy and interest. To survive they will need to create membership, seminar to get rich, books, youtube, etc. He / she will have high income but most of the money is to pay all those debt that he/she carried. This is stacking money on a string.

    What is the longterm effect to the public. Less supply, creating scarcity for real family to buy primary residential and bubbling the house price. Sometimes when people say cash, it is not real cash. When the interest goes to 10-12% exceeding the cap rate of his/her property, the individual will start struggling and sell his property. This practice is common and promoted legally in Canada. Maximum number of ownership have to be set. Refinancing have to be tighter and investigate for what purpose, manufacturing should be permitted but nothing else. Downpayment should be higher to discourage panic buy and overpay for a purchase.

  7. @World Alternative Media : Regarding poverty-stricken people being able to free themselves from poverty, you're neglecting some important considerations. Employers discriminating is one. Another is migrations of poor people who come to Canada and the US, f.e., want to seek jobs, and employers do often commit favouritism for these people, discriminating against citizens and legal or landed immigrants, the latter term being used in Canada anyway. Another way is the importation, often illegal, of foreign workers, a real problem in the US anyway. Those're examples and another is that it takes money to be able to make money or more money/income. And regarding "food lines", it shouldn't only be bread, for people need a lot more than that to nutritionally sustain themselves, and the people using such "lines" surely don't have enough money for starting businesses. I've seen, here, in Quebec, Canada, immigrants probably of relatively low incomes and take all they can gather go to community refrigerators meant to help the poor, while those immigrants are definitely not the poorest people, here. Some very low income Quebecers search for consigned cans and bottles, and some panhandle, to try to get some $ help, and I've witnessed some foreigners, either migrants or immigrants, likely, enough, migrants, being helped by Cdn govts with the migration, also panhandling, quite rudely, too; f.e., rudely, callously not caring about literally interfering with some real Quebecers panhandling. Some immigration, even some migration, can work out ok, but definitely not all. So, the poorest, here, are "hit" in plenty of ways, economically being hindered to the point of making it almost impossible to get out of poverty. Employers do discriminate and there's possibly a Canadian law making this like or almost like necessary for employers. I've been waiting, through a govt medical agency, for over 10 years to be able to get a family doctor (for some inherited health conditions, hypothyroidism, cholesterol and triglycerides) and there's currently no indication of when I might finally get one; but, I wouldn't be surprised if recent immigrants, maybe even migrants, get family doctors before I ever will. Many MD's in Quebec are truly overloaded with patients, much thanks to the Qc govt applying an axe or hatchet to the medical system now since the 1970s or end thereof. It was reported plenty of years ago that plenty, maybe many, of Qc MD's had said or were saying that they wanted to leave the province, certainly some wanting to get MD employment in the US. The govt of Qc became quite abusive against MD's, enough of them anyway, with ridiculous demands or work requirements. It was rather incredibly "nuts". So, in what you said in this video about poor people being able to free themselves from poverty if they only work at doing that, well, it's lacking a number of considerations; and, yet another for Qc is that language sometimes is a real factor. Etc.

  8. Norway, Sweden, Canada : Populations. The 2018 estimate for Norway, 5,323,933 ; the Oct. 2018 census for Sweden, 10,215,250 ; the Q4 2018 estimate for Canada, 37,242,571 . Canada has high income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes (depending on where properties are located), municipal taxes (I believe different ones), definitely tobacco (very high), fuel tax, and possibly (?) some other tax or taxes. It was either when I worked a short, 6-month non-renewable contract in 1991 for the division of Hydrographic Services of the federal Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans, or when working for several months during May-Aug. 1998 while at university, for a division of Environment Canada, that the project or team leader told me that with his good income, about 75% of it went to taxes and I'm not sure but don't think that was all income taxes; surely couldn't have been and definitely shouldn't. So, if totaling all of the taxes in Canada, then it's rather very high; although, I've read that the province of Alberta doesn't tax income and I'm not totally sure but think it's because of revenues from the corporate "tar sands" oil exploitation there. I'm not sure about that, but maybe the provincial govt doesn't tax workers' incomes, while taxing corporate or business incomes. The Alberta govt gets "its" money somehow. As we all know, govts cost a lot of money; a lot people being paid incomes, plus all other operating costs. Anyway, I've read that there're no provincial income taxes in Alberta and only guess that it might solely for workers' incomes. Otherwise, Canadians with good, or even better, incomes pay plenty in both provincial and federal taxes; although, I learned from an analysis published a decade or so ago that some large corporations pay very, very little income tax. That analysis of corporate income taxes even said as little as around 2%. Anyway, it's surprising how much Swedes and Norwegians pay in income taxes, so I wonder what other taxes they have to pay. If the total, total, is 61%, then it's apparently more for Canadians, enough of them anyway; for Cdns with good incomes.

  9. because of me 30 or more people can have a plug in their room for a night light so they can see all the makano's and legos on the floor at night.

  10. I'm sorry but I'd like to follow your channel, cause the subject is really important to me, but could you add a TLDR (kind of) end resumé?

  11. I am working for financial gain and the complete abandonment of Canada when there are rumblings of bail-ins or travel restrictions.Our forefathers did not fight for what we live in now and I will be the immigrant of a new country one day with the same vision as they.

  12. lol @ 24:50 eeeeek. you've said it so many times you're flustered. Though I can honestly feel your sincerity in this video, with the discomfort of peoples indoctrinated descent into slavery like a magnetic force keeping you onto the couch…. is there even a word for that?

  13. People are so addicted to their phones that they do not see or understand that they are being led into the perfect dictatorship where they are only allowed to do or think what the politicians decides. The power of the politicians must be reduced! Anything they decide must be given the people to allow! ….that is if they can get their brains to work outside the phone/facebook universe…..

  14. Lol. In sweden taxes are progresive. You don't pay the same if you are small business as if you own a big company!

  15. Nimrod in the Bible created a welfare system to force the loyalty of the people. You cannot destroy the gov if it gives you a check by first taxing or stealing your money then handing it back after of course taking a cut. Nimrod was an evil super genius bastard.

  16. If you want to be a slave that can be remotely punished and tracked and have your money shut down remotely chips would be great for you..

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