This Is Why You Should Travel to ICELAND

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One amazing day exploring the south shore of Iceland, visiting waterfalls, glaciers, black sand beaches and the fishing village of Vik.
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This Is Why You Should Travel to ICELAND

26 thoughts on “This Is Why You Should Travel to ICELAND

  1. This actually isn't the last video from this trip. There will be some more including one from Amsterdam, two from London, one more from Iceland and then a couple videos from New York City. So lots more on the way, but they will be kind of random in terms of the order in which they're posted. Mostly they're unedited walking around videos.

  2. Amazing! We were there in September which is, of course, the end of summer.. I won't say it was easy to walk behind Seljalandsfoss then…got pretty wet, but not nearly as much water as in winter….duh! Thanks!!

  3. Oh my gosh! Still dark till 11 am, how strange! Weird, yet interesting. The whole country is interesting…you're the best, Gabe.

  4. Dude I hope the tour guides SAID to bring a change of clothes, otherwise they will have some very uncomfortable folks along for the not so fun ride!! Hope you were able to change! I kept thinking how cold your feet probably was!! lol

  5. Iceland just looks cold, wet and gloomy. Not sure I would travel there. Think the blue lagoon is the only worth while place to see while there lol

  6. Ha I also remember from my trip to Iceland I met someone else from Canada and we hitchhiked together a bit. We hitchhiked to that black sand beach at the end of the video and then we climb that mountain on your left to get to Vik lol.

  7. When I was in Iceland at Skogafoss you could walk right up to the waterfall almost. So yeah it's definitely pushing more water than it did when I was there!

  8. If you ever get the chance visit Vestmannaeyjer island in the south of Iceland. The ferry there and back is about 32$ CAD (so like 24$ USD) and you can explore the entire island in a day. It's a beautiful little island if you get the chance. I think it would make for a great video in itself and the ferry ride over is only 45 minutes with pretty good views of the cliffs.

  9. Thank you! Gabriel for sharing your videos it has been a blessing to travel with you to different parts of the world. God bless P.S. welcome back to the States

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