Top 10 Outrageous Things You’ll Only See In Romania

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Top 10 Outrageous Things You’ll Only See In Romania

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10. Romania has one of the happiest cemeteries on Earth

Tucked away in a tiny village of Maramures county, near the Ukrainian border, the Merry Cemetery, is not only a very unique burial site, but also an open-air museum and a tourist attraction in its own right.

Each tombstone features a witty poem depicting the person’s life and the way he/she died. To give you an idea, here is a funny epitaph roughly translated by Wikipedia:

Under this heavy cross
Lies my poor mother in-law
Three more days should she have lived
I would lie, and she would read (this cross).
You, who here are passing by
Not to wake her up please try
Cause’ if she comes back home
She’ll criticize me more.
But I will surely behave
So she’ll not return from grave.
Stay here, my dear mother in-law!

9. Romania boasts the world’s largest administrative building.

Built by former Romanian dictator, Nicolae Ceaușescu, Bucharest’s Palace of the Parliament – also known as the People’s House – is the largest, heaviest, and most expensive civil administration building on the planet.

8. The only gold museum in Europe is found in Romania.

Also known as the Mineralogical Collection of Brad, The Gold Museum in the small Romanian city of Brad is the only one of its kind in Europe. Founded some 100 years ago, the gallery contains a mind-blowing collection of over 2,000 pieces of gold gathered here from across the world.

7. Taking off their shoes.

Romanians will almost always take off their shoes when entering someone’s home, especially if the weather is bad. Yeah, we know that The Code of Good Manners recommends otherwise, and sometimes they respect it. But most of the time they take their shoes off and accept a pair of slippers if they are offered by the host.

6. Hard Rock Cafe Bucharest.

Is the largest restaurant of the renowned American franchise in Europe, boasting 300 seats indoors and 200 on the terrace. Located in Herăstrău Park, the city’s central park and the largest city park in Bucharest, the cafe sits on the shores of Herăstrău Lake and is a short walk from the village Museum and the Triumphant Arch of Bucharest

5. Hosting Europe’s largest mammal.

The country’s fauna includes among other rarities – Europe’s largest population of black bears and wolves, and also an important part of the remaining population of Europe’s largest mammal “The Bison”. Hunted to near extinction this impressive giant still survives in several reservations in Eastern European countries. This includes 3 reservations in Romania.

4. Underground ferris wheel.

Salina Turda, nearby Cluj-Napoca, is one of the most exciting attractions in the country. Hidden deep down in slat mines belly, at a depth of 120 meters (400 feet), lies an amusement park featuring a ferris wheel, and an underground salt lake you can row on. Sport lovers can make the best of their time spend underground by taking advantage of the mini golf course as well as the basketball and handball field. The salt mine also hosts an amphitheater, where shows regularly take place.

3. The Hoia-Baciu Forest.

The Hoia-Baciu Forest (in picture), also known as Romania’s Bermuda Triangle, is situated near Cluj-Napoca and covers 250 hectares. It is one of the spookiest places in Romania, as several paranormal activities and unexplained events allegedly took place there: from ghost and other unexplained apparitions, to UFOs sightings.

2. The Most Beautiful Road In The World.

The British newspaper “The Telegraph” considers Transfăgărașan to be the most beautiful road in the world. Built in the 70’s as a strategic military route, the road is an extraordinary piece of engineering that challenges your driving skills. Transfăgărașan has 90 kilometers, tunnels, viaducts, bridges, and breathtaking landscapes.

1. Cărturesti Carusel.

Literally translated as ‘carousel of Light’, Cărturești Carusel is situated in a restored 19th-century building in the very heart of Bucharest’s Old town. Comprising of six floors, home to well over ten thousand books and with a chic bistro on the top floor (which offers great views onto the old town), you could easily get lost for hours among its many shelves…

If you ever plan to visit Romania, make sure to check at least a couple of these amazing places.

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  1. As a romanian girl, I laughed my ass off to the way they said Nicolae Ceausescu. Btw, that video made Romania look way better than it really is. Thank you! Those kind of videos make me feel patriotic. Love u!

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