Top 5 Cruise Destinations for 2019

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We list our the most popular cruise destinations for 2019. To help you pick your first cruise, we’ve selected the five best destinations. We look at cruises in the Caribbean, Alaska, Mediterranean, The Baltic, Norwegian Fjords, Australia and New Zealand.

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21 thoughts on “Top 5 Cruise Destinations for 2019

  1. Hi Ben and David I've recently discovered your channel and subscribed. I'm from Liverpool and we sail from southampton. We've been the Mediterranean twice on navigator and independence (our favourite ship). Last Yr was our silver wedding anniversary. We're going to baltic Norwegian fjords and Russia and tallinn this August and back to Mediterranean next Yr for our daughter 18th. Your vlogs r great guys really enjoyable thank u xx

  2. Hi Ben & David – love the Video and the advice !   We are travelling on Crown Princess (our first Princess cruise!) come Sept this year and wasn't sure on the distance from London to Southampton, but thank you, you have given us the answer regarding distance!   We are thinking of booking a night before the cruise in Brighton, to be that little bit closer, would you recommend this as better for distance?  Thank you both so much !   Kay X

  3. Thank you gentlemen ❤. Your footage of Norway is the best travel vlog shots I've seen. Since you asked… my favorite destination so far is Alaska. Very close second, Hawaii.

  4. Hi Guys! Considering a Baltic cruise for 2020. As a same sex couple, how did you find St. Petersburg? It's the only thing holding me back booking it today!

  5. Enjoying your videos. After several Caribbean cruises, Alaska, Panama Canal, and Mexico, we are exploring some alternative cruise destinations. You make the Mediterranean sound inviting. But Have you done any South America or Amazon cruises. If so, what are your recommendations.

  6. Awesome video guys thank you so much for sharing we would love to visit Southampton and sail on the Queen Mary. Sincerely Adventures of David and Aaron

  7. We are doing the British Isle cruise on Princess this year…Next time I want to try Azamara Cruise lines because they have cruises that are called Intensive….stays in a general location and they tend to stay longer in ports. Thoughts?

  8. I loved the Alaska cruise (my only cruise so far, but rectifying that in July) and the scenery was breathtaking.

    First, a bit of advice… Get out of town. The towns are almost all the same trinket shops and chains. Take a tour of a glacier or the tundra, go out in the wilderness to experience the wildlife, etc.

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