Ukraine, Odessa/ Best city in eastern europe ?

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In todays video we travel to Odessa, Ukraine 😀 I will show you around, take you with me to the gym and introduce you to some people !

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19 thoughts on “Ukraine, Odessa/ Best city in eastern europe ?

  1. Are there any eligable men there. You just keep speaking about women. I am a woman. What is the chance of hooking up with a really nice guy?

  2. Best, I don’t know but one of the best (I think).
    I am yet to go to Odessa, maybe I should have planned my holidays better and go there perhaps I would have had a much better birthday like last year.

  3. Some of my friends from Dnipro are in Odessa now. I hope to visit there next summer. I return to Ukraine in December for holidays. I enjoy all your videos! Safe travels!

  4. uh oh i like the old architectures it's like there's all that dome at the top. You should have shown us some interiors of the buildings

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