41 thoughts on “Young Virgins at Bulgaria’s Controversial Bride Market

  1. Gypsies what is that? If they live in your country then there Bulgarian and it’s the Bulgarian government and society job to guide them in right path instead spreading your nonsense, just try to accept them and involve with them and show the brightest side of you and it’s done, funkkn it’s 21st don’t be racist, u moron!!!!

  2. lol…women are more happy and less than a whore…no one is screwing them like sluts and husbands respect them more because of their purity…very opposite of western woman…

  3. Buying wives is still popular in all of Africa and India. I live in South Africa and basically every tribe but the Afrikaans sell their daughters. It's a horrible tradition and has all kinds of bad cultural side effects, one of them being TERRIBLE husbands.

  4. Kurwa jakie one są brzydkie! Ktoś powinien do nich dopłacać ale i tak nie każdy się skusi – nie dziwota!

  5. I am educated enough to understand that this sort of social tradition degrades women and causes social imbalance between the sexes.

    But I'm also sensible enough to understand it's their culture. They have their own sentimental values and sense of what's right and wrong. And their sense of right and wrong is neither defined or limited by mine. If the time comes they'll fight their own fights. I'll only support them when their voice resembles mine. Nothing more and nothing less.

    *If you're like me leave a comment. Let's be friends ;p "

    Even though some of tgem are kind people think we are mean people

  7. I definitely am not a fan of this British presenter lady trying to pollute this gypsy culture. Definitely not an impartial investigative report.

  8. how can such HOT girls be gypsies? selling girls on a market is no supported by christianity as it fall in the category of slavery.

  9. At the end of the programme she says it’s more like speed dating after mocking them for the whole time, what an idiotic reporter

  10. These girls look happy and keep their tradition without problem. In western world, sex before marriage, free to choose life partners and ending up having one of the highest divorce rate of the world. I'm pretty sure these gypsies have the lowest divorce rate compared to Bulgarians.

  11. THIS bitter ass single for life, proud bitch goes everywhere and makes other women feel inferior to her because they follow tradition. Bitch go away, go and devote some time to your vibrator and laptop.

  12. That doesn't really seem like a market. Looks more like a dating party, where the wedding dowry is presented as a price to "buy" the wife. The problem is that for that to happen, the woman have to be completely reducible to just looks. Otherwise there would be too much choice for the men, which would make a match impossible.

  13. Faces constant prejudice… Drives with a fucking trash horse carriage on the highway. What did you expect? Praise for your eco friendly vehicle?

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